MS Revolutionary War Graves

This page contains information about Revolutionary War patriots who are buried in or near Mississippi. Some of the graves noted here have been marked by various chapters with special NSDAR-created markers.

ALEXANDER, Dan (Pvt.) – b. 1755 Edgecombe County, NC d. 10 Oct. 1850 Union County, Mississippi. Grave located in Pine Pole Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi. Private North Carolina troops. Marked by Ish-te-ho-te-pah Chapter.

ARCHIBALD, Thomas – d.18 Oct. 1800. Served in Salisbury District, State of North Carolina. Grave located in Old Fourth Creek Historical Cemetery (Burial Grounds) Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina. Marked 10 July 1986 by Ashmead Chapter.

ARMSTRONG, James – Revolutionary soldier buried in Calvary Hill Cemetery, Silver Creek, Lawrence County, Mississippi.

BENSON, Henry (Wagon master) – b. between 1750 and 1752 in Prince William County, VA; d. 1 Nov 1828, Lawrence County, Mississippi. Married Nancy Jones. Grave located .08 miles south of New Hebron, on east side of Highway 43, on V. Errington Lane. Cemetery is on private land and permission must be obtained to visit. Cemetery now called Drummonds Cemetery. Government marker. Served in Virginia Line. Marked 1958 by William Ramsey Chapter.

BOYD, James – b. 1753 Lancaster, Pennsylvania. d.1854 Newton County, Mississippi. Grave located in Chrism Family Cemetery on the Van Henry Farm on Highway 494 near Union, Newton County, MS. Marked 13 April 1978 by Bobashela Chapter.

BRENT, John Sr. – (Pvt.) 1754. d. 22 Nov 1822. Buried in Brent Cemetery, Holmesville, Pike County, Mississippi.

BROWN, Samuel was an American patriot in the War for Independence, enlisting in the cause for freedom as a soldier in Georgia. Married to Mary Mooney. The Browns were laid to rest near their homestead at the head of Rials Creek about one and one-half miles southeast of where Rials Creek United Methodist Church now stands, off of Airport Road. A permanent monument was dedicated and placed at their graves in 1938. On April 14, 2007, at Rials Creek United Methodist Church near Mendenhall, a historical tribute was paid to Simpson County pioneer settlers, Samuel and Mary Mooney Brown. The ceremony was presented by the Central Mississippi Chapter Sons of the American Revolution from Jackson, the Copiah Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution from Crystal Springs, the Order of First Families of Mississippi, 1699-1817, from Natchez, and the Mississippi Society of the Children of the American Revolution.

BRUIN, Peter Bryan – b.1754-6. d .27 Jan.1827 Major, Virginia. Married Elizabeth Edmunds. Buried at his home “Bruinburg” near Windsor Ruins, Claiborne County, Mississippi.

BURKE, John – (soldier) b. 1760. d. 1848. Buried at Spain Cemetery, near Fayette, Franklin County, Mississippi.

CALCOTE, John Sr. – b. 1775, Newport Parish, Colony of Virginia, d. 1830, Franklin County, Mississippi. Served in Revolutionary War, SC. Buried in the Calcote Cemetery near Brookhaven, Mississippi. Marked 18 Oct 1997 by Atascosa Chapter, Texas Society DAR.

CARLTON (Carleton), Joseph – b. 1 Oct. 1763. d. 23 Mar 1858. Private in Virginia, 1st Virginia Regiment. Marker placed in the Gadsden Cemetery although Joseph Carleton is buried in the Sheppard Plot, Attalla Cemetery, Attalla, Alabama.

CARTER, Isaac – b. 1756. d. 1840. Grave located in Carter McSwain Cemetery, Old Augusta, Perry County, Mississippi. Marked 10 September 1971 by John Rolfe Chapter.

COOK, Reuben E. (Pvt), b. November 1760, NC, d. 1856, Mississippi. Buried Christian Rest United Methodist Church Cemetery, three and one-half miles from Highway 30 on County Road 255, Etta Lafayette County, Mississippi. Grave marked with a government marker. Wording on marker: Reuben Cook, Private NC Militia Rev. War, Battle of Briar Creek, 1760-1856 Dedicated by Loosa Schoona and Chauqatonchee Chapters and David Murphree Chapter SAR, 3 November 2002.

DAVIS, Samuel Emery – b. 1756. d. 4 July 1824. Buried in Hurricane Plantation Cemetery, Warren County, Mississippi. Remains moved in1943 to Beauvior Cemetery and Marked by DAR 1943 by Gulf Coast Chapter. 4 July 1976 a new marker was added with SAR emblem – DAR Revolutionary Soldier Bronze Plaque Bicentennial Commission, Colonial Dames all on marble.

DAVIS, Thomas – South Carolina Militia. b. 1762. d. 183?. Buried in Old Davis Cemetery near Waynesboro, Wayne County, Mississippi. Marker placed in City Cemetery, Waynesboro, Wayne County, Mississippi. Marked 20 November 1985 by Chickasawhay Chapter.

DOUGLAS, John – b. 4 October 1764 in Rowen County, North Carolina. Married 2nd to Nancy Wallman Denman. d. 9 November 1839 in Copiah County, Mississippi. Buried in Old Providence Cemetery, Copiah, County, Mississippi. Marked by Cherokee Rose Chapter.

FOSTER, James – b. 2 August 1752. d. 14 November 1835. Grave located at Foster Mount Cemetery, Adams County, Mississippi. Private. Grave marked 3 May 1946 by Natchez Chapter and C.A.R.

FREELAND, Capt. Frisby – b.1747 Calvert Co., Maryland. d. 1819. Grave located at Windsor Cemetery, 10 miles southwest of Port Gibson, Claiborne County, Mississippi, on Indian Mounds on Windsor Plantation near Windsor Ruins. Marked July 1965 by Pathfinder Chapter.

GATES, Charles, Jr. – b. 1761. d. 1846. Grave located in Old Aberdeen Cemetery, Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi. Bronze upright marker. Marked 7 May 1979 by the Tombigbee Chapter.

GAYARRE, Charles Etienne Arthur – b. 9 Jan. 1805. d. 11 Feb.1895. Marker located five miles south of Mississippi State line on Highway 51 in Kentwood, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Ceremony held to mark “Roncal” the home of historian and Revolutionary War figure, Charles Etienne Arthur Gayarre. Marker placed at the request of the Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society and Mrs. J. P. Morris Jr., member of the Judith Robinson Chapter. Marked 30 April 1959 by Judith Robinson Chapter.

GERAULT, John – b. 24 Feb. 1755, d. 28 May 1813. b. London, England. Marker on the Court House Lawn, at his death the cemetery was a block in the middle of Natchez, MISSISSIPPI. After a new cemetery was established some of the graves were moved as the Catholic Church was built on the block in 1832. Marked by Natchez Chapter.

GIDEON, Richard – Grave located in Old Center Cemetery, Highway 8 near Greenwood Springs, Monroe County, Mississippi. Marked 20 June 1957 by Cotton Gin Port Chapter.

GILL, John, Jr. – Pvt. – South Carolina. b. 1754. d. 1828. Grave located in Gill Cemetery, two miles from Bogue Chitto in Lincoln County.

GUION, Major Issac – Grave located in Natchez Cemetery, Natchez, Adams County, MISSISSIPPI. b.11 April 1775, New Rochelle. d.17 September 1823. Marked 20 June 1957 by Natchez Chapter.

HARRIS, Mark Mitchell – Grave located at Murrah’s Chapel Grounds, 11 miles from Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi, on Highway 69 South. Marked 11 June 1928 by Shuk-Ho-Ta Tom-A-Ha Chapter.

HARRISON, Richard – b.1754. d. 29 December 1799. Grave located in Harrison-O’Quinn Cemetery, Fayette, Jefferson County, Mississippi. Captain Virginia State Troops and Captain of Illinois Regiment under George R. Clark.

HART, John Byran – 1760. d. 1822. Grave located in a wooded area one mile from Highway 51, between Bogue Chitto and Norfield, Lincoln County, Mississippi. Soldier in South Carolina.

HENDERSON, Gen. John – Grave located in Bethel Cemetery, Selmer, McNary County, Tennessee, two miles south of Selmer. Marked October 1933 by LaSalle Chapter.

HILLHOUSE, William – b. near Catawba River, South Carolina,18 March 1760. d. Starkville, Mississippi, 28 April 1848. Grave located in Odd Fellow Cemetery, Starkville. Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. Entered service in 1775 as Private. Grave marked November 1934 by Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha Chapter.

HUMPHREYS, Col Ralph – b- 1735 Virginia d. 20 September 1789. Grave located at Grindstone Ford Cemetery, in Claiborne County, Mississippi. Marker in Wintergreen Cemetery, Port Gibson, Claiborne County, Mississippi. “In memory of Col. Ralph Humphreys, 1735-1789, Revolutionary Soldier, died in Claiborne County, Mississippi Erected by the DAR 1905.” Marked 3 June 1964 by Pathfinder Chapter.

INGRAM, Francis – b.1754. d. 24 August 1848. Grave located at Wintergreen Cemetery, Port Gibson, Claiborne County, Mississippi. Service: 3rd Continental Troops, Massachusetts. Marked 3 June 1964 by Pathfinder Chapter.

JACKSON, Isaac – b. 1755. d. 1821. Private in South Carolina Light Horse Troops, Revolutionary War. Grave is located in Berwick, Amite County, Mississippi. Marked 9 October 1966 by Amite River Chapter.

JOHNSON , Daniel – Grave located in Johnson Cemetery, three miles east of Crystal Springs, Copiah County, Mississippi. Marked 1935 by Copiah Chapter.

JOHNSON, Samuel – d. 1849 Tate County, Mississippi. Served as Pvt. and Sgt. Marked 1912 by David Reese Chapter.

JOHNSON William – b. 1754. d. 1853. Grave is located in cemetery on a farm, southwest of Nettleton, in community of Wren, Monroe County, Mississippi (eight miles). Marked 29 March 1966 by Ralph Humphreys Chapter.

JOHNSON William – b. 1762 Salisbury, NC. d. 1845 in what is now Newton County, Mississippi. Grave is located in Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery near Decatur, Newton County, Mississippi. Served as a Private. Marked November 1984 by David Holmes Chapter.

KITCHENS, John – b. 1755. Grave located in the Lann-McKinny Family Cemetery, Spluge (rural area), Monroe County, Mississippi. Marked 22 July 1927 by Cotton Gin Port Chapter.

LANCASTER, Moses – b. 2 February 1752. d. December 1811. Buried in Old Cemetery, Acworth, Sullivan County Cemetery, New Hampshire. Marked by Col. Samuel Ashley Chapter 11 October 1986. Marker purchased by Mary Lancaster Germaine, member of Magnolia State Chapter, Jackson, Mississippi.

LEAKE, Walter –b. 20 May 1762. d. 6 November 1825. Marked 18 November 1978 by Walter Leake Chapter.

LEWIS, John B. 1747. d. 1825 Grave located at Old Lewis-Bibbo Graveyard near Highway 68 between Russsellville and Auburn, Logan County, Kentucky. Marked 20 June 1957 by Bernard Romans Chapter.

LEWIS, Joseph B. –b. 30 September 1763. d. 24 March 1845. Wife Sarah Elizabeth Lewis b. 16 October 1770. d. 10 September 1826. He was a Private from South Carolina. Buried in Pine Bluff Cemetery, Dentville, Copiah County, Mississippi. Marked 13 October 1990 by Pathfinder Chapter.

LOVE, David –b. 1763, d.1827. Buried Wilkes Cemetery, Culleoka, Maury County, Tennessee. Service in Virginia Militia. Married to Mary Draper Love. Marked 2 April 1983 by Samuel Hammond Chapter, Tennessee Chapter of Tennessee and members of Love Family.

LOVE, John Draper – d. 1863. Wife Susannah Caruthers. Buried in Wilkes Cemetery, Culleoka, Maury County, Tennessee . Moved from John Draper Love Cemetery in 1979. Grave was marked by special permission of DAR. Marked 9 April 1983 by Samuel Hammond Chapter.

LUSK, Samuel – b. 9 April 1750. d. 14 April 1825. Grave is located in Ewell-Lusk Cemetery near Gloster, Amite County, Mississippi. Marked 16 November 1977 by Amite River Chapter.

MARSCHALK, Andrew — Grave located in Natchez Cemetery, Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi. b. 4 February 1767 New York. d. 8 Aug. 1836 Washington, Mississippi . Grave marked 1915 or 1916 by Natchez Chapter.

MCBEE, Silas — Grave located in William Cemetery, a community of Gershorn, on Highway 15, 12 miles south of Pontotoc, Pontotoc County, Mississippi. Marked 2 November 1936 by the LaSalle Chapter.

MCDONALD, Willis — Grave located in China Grove Cemetery, Lorman, Jefferson County, Mississippi. Marked 25 June 1960 by the Magnolia State Chapter.

MCGEHEE, Samuel — b. 1759 Prince Edward County, Virginia. d. 6 September 1821. Buried in McGehee Family Cemetery, near Liberty, Amite County, Mississippi. Served Virginia as Pvt. & Lt. Grave marked 12 June 1980 by Amite River Chapter.

MCKIE, Daniel — Grave located in St. Peters’ Cemetery, Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi. Grave marked 17 December 1927 by the David Reese Chapter.

MCWILLIAMS, William – Private SC Militia d. April 4/5 1843, in Itawamba County, Mississippi. Grave is located on private land in the Maxey Cemetery, in Fulton County, Mississippi. Grave marked 5 May 2005 by the Itawamba and Mary Stuart Chapters.

MEEK, Alexander – b. 14 December 1764 Maryland. d. 8 September 1858. Served Virginia Private. Buried Meeks Cemetery, Pleasant Mount, Mississippi in Marshall County Mississippi. Marked 25 October 1978 by James Gilliam Chapter.

MCGEHEE, Samuel — b. 1759 Prince Edward County, Virginia. d. 6 September 1821. Buried in McGehee Family Cemetery, near Liberty, Amite County, Mississippi. Served Virginia as Pvt. & Lt. Grave marked 12 June 1980 by Amite River Chapter.

MURPHREE, David — Buried in Old Airmount Cemetery, Yalabusha County, Mississippi. Grave marked 1964 by the Ralph Humphreys Chapter.

MURPHY, John – b. South Carolina. d. Lowndes County, Mississippi. Grave is located in Unity Churchyard, near Caledonia, Lowndes County, Mississippi. Served as Private SC. Grave marked 1927 by the Bernard Romans Chapter.

NEELY, Jacob – b. 1758, d. 15 July 1845. Grave located in Liberty Baptist Church cemetery, on Highway 80, Rankin County, Mississippi. Grave marked 29 March 1953 by Magnolia State Chapter.

NEELY, Capt. Samuel – b. ca. 1756, d. 29 April 1834, in Copiah, County, Mississippi. He served SC. Buried in Old Sweetwater Cemetery in southwest Copiah County, Mississippi. Marked April 8, 2013 by the Felix LaBauve Chapter.

PEDEN, Samuel — Grave located in Cemetery eight miles northwest of Dekalb, Kemper County, Mississippi. Marked 1962 by Samuel Dale Chapter and Sen. John Stennis.

QUIN, Peter — b. 11 April 1750 Ireland, d. 21 December 1824. Grave located in Holmesville Cemetery, 10 miles east of McComb, Pike County, Mississippi. Wife: Judith Robinson. Marked 22 March 1929 by Judith Robinson Chapter. (two markers)

RAGAN, John — b. 8 July 1766. d. 30 April 1830. Grave located about two miles from Mt. Zion in Mt. Carmel Cemetery which is abandoned and overgrown by trees. The marker is at Mt. Zion Church near Prentiss, Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi. Marked in 1960 by William Ramsey Chapter.

REEVES, Lazarus — d. 1827, Grave located at Clear Creek Cemetery, four miles east of McComb, off Quin’s Bridge Road on black-topped road, Pike County, Mississippi. Marked 1948 by the Judith Robinson Chapter. Rededicated and marked: 25 October 1997 by Judith Robinson Chapter.

RILEY, John — Born in Georgia 1748. d. 1852. Grave located at Macedonia Cemetery, Blue Mountain, Tippah County, Mississippi. (First Memorial Marker of Revolutionary Soldier in Mississippi placed by DAR.) Marked in 1907 by Mathew McConnell Chapter.

ROBERTSON, Norvell — b. 22 May 1765 Virginia. d. 16 September 1855 Mississippi. Grave is located in cemetery near Collins, Covington County, Mississippi. Served as Pvt. in Virginia. Marked October 1938 by John Rolfe Chapter.

RODGERS, James — b. 2 July 1760, Culpepper County, VA, d. 1841, Verona, Mississippi. Grave located in Union Methodist Church Cemetery, between Plantersville and Nettleton, Mississippi, in Lee County. Marked by family of Joe Simpson and attended by President of SAR and Tupelo DAR.

ROSS, Arthur Brown — Patriot. b. 9 August 1746. d. 5 August 1806. Buried at Beech Hill Cemetery, Red Lick (near Fayette), Jefferson County, Mississippi.

ROSS, Capt. Isaac — b. 5 January 1760. d. 19 January 1836. Grave located in Family Cemetery, Prospect Hill Plantation, near Port Gibson, Jefferson County, Mississippi. Captain. Marked 25 October 1977 by Chakchiuma Chapter.

ROSS, George — Grave located in Shiloh National Cemetery, on the Tennessee-Mississippi Line, Alcorn County, Mississippi. Marked 14 June 1925 by LaSalle Chapter.

RUM, Adam — b. 17 September 1756. d. December 1822. Grave located in the yard of Jefferson County Court House, Fayette, Jefferson County, Mississippi. Served from Virginia.

SCOTT, Robert –b. May 1763 at (Antromina) County Ireland. d. Jan. 13, 1832 at St. Elma, Claiborne County, Mississippi. Grave is located at Old Pisgah Church Cemetery, Claiborne County, Mississippi. The cemetery is near Hermanville on Highway 548. He enlisted as Private in South Carolina. Dedicated 22 May 1999 by Pathfinder Chapter.

SHELBY, Moses, Jr. — b. 8 November 1761 South Carolina. d 15 April 1823. Grave located at Pisgah Church Cemetery seven miles from Hermanville, Claiborne County, Mississippi. Wife Elizabeth Neal, both buried in same place. Served as private in North Carolina. Marked 3 June1964 by Pathfinder Chapter.

SHOWS, John — 1760-1842. Nahoula Chapter and Shows Family unveiled monument in Johnson-Shows Cemetery four and one-half miles south of Ellisville on New Augusta Road, Mississippi. Marked 23 May 1981 by Nahoula Chapter.

SHY, Samuel — b. 15 August 1765. d. 13 December 1830. Grave located one mile from Pennington, Morgan County, Georgia. Pvt. Georgia.

STANIFER, Luke — Grave located in New Hope Cemetery, near Hatley, Monroe County, Mississippi. Marked 1959 by Cotton Gin Port Chapter.

STRINGER, Josiah — b. 1760. d. 1837. Grave located in Hepzibah C. Watts plot, near Oakvale, Lawrence County, Mississippi. Served as Sgt. in North Carolina. Marked 1978 by William Ramsey Chapter.

STRONG, John — Grave located 12 miles east of Highway 18 at Carpenter on the Carpenter-Dentville Road at Strong-Hill Cemetery, Copiah County, Mississippi. Marked 18 October 1970 by Cherokee Rose Chapter.

TABOR, William, Lt. — b. 1781 Light Horse, NC. Buried Old Tabor Cemetery. Grave located off Young Crossing Road, Winston County.

THOMPSON, David — b. 6 October 1758. d. 4 July 1840. Grave located in family cemetery three miles from Gloster, six miles from Centreville, Amite County, Mississippi. Marked 1941 or 1942, by David Thompson Chapter.

TUSCOMBIA, Chief — Grave located on Highway 45, 12 miles north of Corinth, Alcorn County, Mississippi. Official Revolutionary Soldier’s Monument. Marked by LaSalle Chapter.

WARE, Robert – b. 10 October 1759, d. 9 May 1827. Grave located behind Seton Haven Apartments, 3721 Ware’s Ferry Road, Montgomery, Alabama, in the Waring Wood Cemetery. Marked 14 March 1997, by Magnolia State Chapter (Mississippi) and Anne Phillips Chapter (Montgomery, Alabama).

WARREN, John — b. 18 December 1752. d. May 1821. Grave located at Warren Cemetery at Sandy Hook. 17 miles south of Columbia, Mississippi. Marked 1 June 1969 by Catherine Ard Chapter.

WHEELER, General Joe — Grave in Shiloh National Cemetery, on Tennessee-Mississippi Line. Marked 1930 by LaSalle Chapter.

WHITE, Capt. Thomas, Jr. — b. 1740. d. 1812. Grave located in White Family Cemetery in Claiborne County, four miles south of Port Gibson. Marker placed in Wintergreen Cemetery, Port Gibson, Claiborne County, Mississippi. Marked 28 October 1967 by Pathfinder Chapter Mississippi.

WILSON, James — b. 1751 Ireland. d. 1827 Mississippi. Grave located in Family Cemetery, one and one-half miles east of Becker, near Becker, Monroe County, Mississippi. Marked 10 April 1971 by Cotton Gin Port Chapter.

WILLIS, Colonel John — NC Militia, Revolutionary War. Grave located in Memorial Park on S. Union Street side, Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi. Marked 1915-1916 by Natchez Chapter.

This list originally appeared in “The History of the Mississippi State Society Daughters of the American Revolution 1896 – 1996,″ published by the State Society in 1996. Additional entries have been added since publication.

Information on this page does not constitute proof of service. For further information on these patriots, see the NSDAR Genealogy System.