Interested in Joining the DAR?

Interested in Joining the DAR?

We are a very patriotic group of women, opening each meeting with a ritual that salutes the flag and recites the American Creed. We work to support schools and scholarships, to provide gifts for veterans and hospital patients, and to award medals to students outstanding in history, citizenship, and R.O.T.C.

We distribute a DAR Manual for Citizenship, we stress conservation of natural and human resources, and we collect and preserve genealogical records.

We celebrate Constitution Week each September focusing on the provisions of the Constitution. American History Month is observed each February.

Money is raised to repair and preserve historic buildings on a state and national scale. We take great pride in raising funds and volunteers to support our state efforts at the Rosalie Mansion.

Membership is open to any woman at least 18 years old who can trace lineal descent from a Revolutionary soldier or patriot. The applicant is endorsed by two members of the chapter and then voted on by the chapter.

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